Second week, a really productive week, again - learning a lot whilst getting involved more, I’m slowly understanding why I am here and what I’ve got to do, and more importantly (personally) seeing where I can make a difference.

Took part in a workshop to run through the “Barriers of the service”, User Research led which meant it was great to see the voice of the user up front and center to remove the risk of users-being-numbers.

As the workshop overran - rescheduled speaking to the specialists (the user’s!), and ran through the product / service - a really good setup in place as we can call upon the user when required, supported (and led) by great questions from the UR.

Afternoon spent with design team, to map out quick sketches fed from above meeting (pen and paper only).

Caught up with a previous team bud from my Report Benefit Fraud day’s the ever brilliant Catherine Hope.

Full day of ceremonies, meaning retro’s, show and tell’s and sprint planning (yay).

Worked on the four versions of the prototype from Tuesday’s session and wrote approx 23 questions to ask everyone who walks within 25 miles.

Ran through the prototypes, and added 105 questions to what I had done (showing the group and asking questions out loud helps massively), planning to share with BA’s and the other Interaction Designer on Monday.

Good things
Wednesday showed the real power of people and their want to get things delivered, loads delivered in the past sprint and they should be proud of themselves working together as a team.

Learned things
The barriers workshop was great - reminder of the huge reasons as to why we are doing this.

The prototype tool - not been spending my time with it for 3-4 years has meant I’m a little rusty.

I feel ready now to give back to the team that has supported me in the past two weeks, helping me on-board into a (quite) complicated product.
My understanding of the service has made me appreciate the incredible work done so far, on what is an incredibly hard and demanding service, and I’m ready to make a difference!

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