My first week at Department for Work and Pensions.

Or: holy moly, it’s full of acronyms.

As expected, it was going to be totally brain mashing, but I really enjoyed myself and feel totally out of my comfort zone - which for me is a huge positive challenge that I craved for.

Found my desk, filled in a little paperwork and tried to work out what I was doing (in general), also a design meet-up allowed me to meet the other Interaction Designers.

First trip to work from Harrogate (Job Centre), really good introduction to the team and a great insight into what I’ll be working on via a workshop.
A lot to be said sitting back and people watching at this point (allowed by the no pressure put on me by the team).

Wednesday / Thursday
Setting up MacBook, sitting with Andy and Sam to find more out about the service and ask 105 questions.

Feeling fully immersed in the team and kicking off my first task and getting to grips with the prototyping tool once again (how I’ve missed you).
Also, first run in 3 years and managed 2k without stopping!

Good things
Should be called great things - the team has made me feel very welcome, and really assisted in myself settling in as quickly as I have.

Learned things
As mentioned previously, staying quiet and listening sometimes is the quickest way to learn, remembering all those questions for a later time.

Tough to understand what was happening initially, and reminding myself to be ok with not knowing (as its my first week or even first month(s)).

Confidence gained from being comfortable in myself to speak up, and having a team that makes me feel included as often as possible (shout out to Si, Andy and Sam for this!).

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