Senior interaction designer, UI developer, and team player based in Leeds, UK.


Working alongside heroes in teams and organisations to design and make things that people want to use and can use. I mentor, talk and make terrible jokes.
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01. Research

02. User Interaction

03. Development

04. Validation

Previous roles, I have: helped as Interaction Designer at DWP Digital on the Report benefit fraud project, led design at British Airways, Argos, ITV, and built plenty at Jet2, Ahoy, Open Path, and Spectrum Brands.

I have 15 years of experience working with public services, big and small companies and creative agencies.

GOV.UK - Report Benefit Fraud

DWP approached me to lead the design for a service with an opportunity to improve the process of reporting Benefit Fraud. Improving the online approach, updating the UI and platform to align with GOV.UK.

Case Study


Soccer Saturday Super 6

Working with Sky Sports, this project was to increase retention amongst users on one of the country’s most popular "free-to-play" games. Working on gameplay, branding and reacting on user-frustrations.

Case Study


Things I do:

  1. Let's learn things
    Join a group of eager learners who want to widen their knowledge of any field they wish (design, development, copywriting etc) with help from myself. This is open to all - irregardless of experience, gender, age or location.
  2. Two Dads Do Digital
    Honest talk from two dads, both based in digital jobs (design and marketing), soap-boxing about what excites, motivates or grinds their gears. Also, about being a parent in a fast world - it’s never easy!

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