Senior interaction designer, UI developer,
and team player

Designing in the open and making things better at Department for Work and Pensions in Leeds, UK.

Working alongside heroes in teams and organisations to design and make things that people want to use and can use. I mentor, talk and make terrible jokes.

In previous roles, I have:

  • help lead design and develop high quality services and websites for DWP, Sky Bet, Sky, Remington,, British Airways, Argos, Regatta
  • lead workshops and facilitate the design process.
  • work with senior stakeholders, product owners, and developers to explore complex design solutions and to maintain relationships with design
  • pitching or presenting to stakeholders or future clients, advising and providing solutions to their needs
  • oversee designers, assisting in growth of skills and instill motivation to drive forward innovative
  • be an active leader internally to instigate a design community

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