Wednesday was a great day - to see all the hard work the team has put in and the users using the process they and we have all worked together on (and it appeared to work)!
Tough week saying goodbye to my old bud Si, but he’s left the team in such a strong state and will be forever appreciated, really great experience working with him.

Sat down with Sam and discussed the four versions of the “couples” prototype - upon reflection, we decided to narrow it down to three and make the journey a lot shorter to help manage the feedback.

Had a session on “Team Priorities” - seemed to make sense and saw more of the projects the team is working on. Rest of the day - working alongside Sam in prep for showing the users the prototypes, writing scripts and confirming we haven’t lost our mind in routes.js (if you know.. you know).

Afternoon - meeting with Jo (the UR), to run through what we should and will run-through with the users.

With the team - attended an all day at Harrogate to work through with the users the complete system - from door to door. Incredible to see such a complex and “big” service coming together and the actual users talking through how they will work and any issues they will have. It’s great to just sit back, listen and see how comfortable they are with it.

Started to run through the “Live” service (on staging / QA), with Andy (content designer) and Sam (interaction designer) to catch any issues before launch. Very healthy chat with the team on how we can tackle the next item on the list, a lot of people letting others talk, waiting their turn and having valuable chats about barriers and possible solutions (with a couple of unknowns thrown in to equal it all out).

Simon’s last day as a Service Designer on the team - its been a great pleasure working alongside Si for the past 3 weeks. I’ve learned a ton in such a short time, from presenting his work/findings to managing a room during workshops. I won’t need to wish Si good luck - his rep speaks for it’s self!

Pre-Sprint planning in the afternoon, then home!

Ps. Loaded Fries from Fat Annie are killer.

Good things
Really enjoyed seeing how the teams hard work has lead to a service the users are happy and comfortable using, which is a credit to everyone.

Learned things
I’ve learned the trip to Harrogate is a heck of a nice journey.

Still having issues understanding the team set up, service and vast amount of acronyms; one day it’ll click I’m sure!

Working more with other people in the team helps me understand their roles and build relationships (all helped by aiming for people I don’t know in workshops and sitting with them), and also gives me opportunity to possible help educate my role back.

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