What a week, busy, long and tiring and ending in rubbish weather, but you didn’t come here for the misery, you came here for the fun.

So here is a crap joke to open with:
I tried to catch fog yesterday.


Right, with that out the way, on to this week’s action..

What did I enjoy:
Working alongside a good content designer (Tom Adams hi ), is worth so much to me, pushing me constantly to do better - he has high standards and so do I, so it’s a must that we deliver something solid, useful with a heavy dollop of cost-effectiveness.

I love seeing my friends push themselves and seeing them trying something, seeing the ever wonderful Josh Healey post on the NHS website is a huge thing and I love seeing him doing some really good work (spoiler: link below in read of the week)!

Modest warning - f’ing smashing it at work with a prototype that I think might be the start of a potential solution within the huge-problem-with-maps arena. But let’s see.

Mentoring, I mean - is there anything better than seeing someone you mentor doing what you have recommended and them doing it above and beyond your expectations and them putting a spin on it and it is mega?

I had a moment waiting for the kettle to boil where I realised I am not the same person I was when presenting work, in the past I was too nervous to share work, too nervous to present what work was done and show confidence in the outputs and was even worse to large numbers.
Roll on today, I want that audience, I want the numbers, I want the challenge of presenting and I feel confident in myself, my presenting skills and I am interesting enough to listen to! I have to thank many people for this, but a huge help was a course I did with Jo Darby who I cannot recommend enough.

What challenged me:
That prototype I was speaking about above, was tough work, it’s a bodge-job but it was hard going.

Migrating my work computer to their new system.. fuuuuuuu… you know the rest. Thinking about the future of the project, it’s now time I start planning for the private beta phase, backlog building.. it’s about time!
The faff around inside and outside IR35 is blowing my mind, it feels like such a bodge job (on par with my prototype) and makes zero sense sometimes, just like our tax system.

What am I looking forward to next week?
Dealing with the outputs from users during the UR sessions, I am hoping there are tons of goodies and we have loads to work with.

Even though it’s tough to think about, it is a bit of copy and paste, but I’m looking forward to planning for private beta, and even the assessment that awaits us, I love me some admin stuff.

Tune of the week:
Last week, I posted a much softer genre of music, but I’m back with a twist, I insist you try out Electric Callboy, as a taster I would recommend We Got The Moves and I dare you to not nod your head to the beat.

Read of the week:
On the NHS website: Why accessible design is good design.
I think we should all read this, it’s from a good egg Josh (two mentions in one post..) on the right side of design, who does everything in the interest of the user and is willing to go against the grain to get all users included.
Give it a read.

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