So it turns out my contract is in the midst of getting renewed or not, which I wasnt expecting, a different vibe, where im making sure things are working and left in great shape and hopefully a better service than when I found it!
If you are requiring an contract IxD, get in touch!

What did I enjoy:
This week has involved a lot of talking, answering design reasoning at speed - the kind of pressure I like!
Answering queries from the helpdesk, those on the frontline picking up calls from users who are either stuck and confused, or just annoyed - this feedback is crucial and worth a ton, but this isnt me saying this is the best way to get feedback (far from it).

What challenged me:
Not knowing about my actual honest contract length, it feels a situation I should not really find myself in after initially being told I was in work till August, but here I am - currently contractless.

Ensuring the prototype is up to date, working and something that the next designer could use (if replaced), whilst the prototype is now in great shape - it’s just a shame it’s going this way.

What am I looking forward to next week?
I find myself with some time off now (unexpectantly), to plan my next project whilst also going on holiday so it’s not all doom and gloom!
BUT the doom and gloom could mean that I will be decorating my daughters bedroom and I-aint-no-DIY-lover.

Youtube of the week:
I haven’t really seen much of Corey Feldman since the epic 80s/90s, but this interview by Mayim Bialik is fantastic, and a side i’ve not seen really seen much off from Corey, certainly worth a watch and thoroughly interesting at how life can be cruel, but also how you could look at things and talk around forgiveness.
I really respected Corey, when asked about him bringing his children up and the presenters praising him, he stops and praises his wife for playing a part too. That’s worth a shout out.

Podcast of the week:
So, it’s either football or crime, this week it’s crime and the one that is hugely in the news - The Murdaugh Murders, from the fantastic, amazingly funny and always-worth-a-listen True Crime Obsessed.

Tune of the week:
A playlist I always return to, it’s got pure 90’s classic on, an ever growing playlist that is richly inspired by watching TOTP2 on an evening whilst eating a burger.

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