As discussed on LinkedIn, I have decided to change the format as the previous way was a slog to write up. My team is far too balanced and controlled for there to be much change within what I do each day, whilst the work changes - the structure doesn’t (which I’m a fan of right now).
So the new layout is hopefully easier to read, easier to write and just more fun in general, and whilst I might drop into days, it just won’t be like before.

What did I enjoy:

We discussed future issues around possible assurance needs, and this is where GOOD problems lie, because this team has done the build-by-the-book - gathering all the needed paperwork to present to whoever needs it, is going to be a doddle. Teams - do your work, and do it properly.

  • With the above, I always revert to Vicky's fantastic post about the history of the service standard, as Vicky is an absolute A* designer / colleague / pal, she has included a link to a very useful Mural board too.

All of my design recommendations were presented and accepted by the core and wider team and have been put into “Dev-ready”, which was supported by the brilliant design team in preparation for the presentation, this means we are making more (user-led) improvements to an important service that will help millions of people, all fueled by user research, design system patterns and experience.

Having the call that my contract was extended till the end of August, which is great as I’m enjoying the work and challenges that come with it.

What challenged me:
Leading design meetings every Monday is a test, not because the team is challenging, but a test in regards to my prioritising what needs to be done - effort vs value. I am very comfortable presenting and Monday has almost become “the Mikey show”.
I have a need to write a case study for my past project at NHS, but it’s not as easy, not because I have a bad memory but mostly because it was just a tough project.. but keep an eye out for that soon.

What am I looking forward to next week?
Mans Market on Mother’s day! FOOOOOOOD!

We have iteration v2 coming up, and I’m gifted the reigns on it to lead - which means I’m a trusted team member now which is amazing and I cant wait to start doing what I do best, bringing the team under one roof (be it Figma) and start ideation sessions and finding great solutions to great problems.

Also, it wouldn’t be weeknotes without a retro update - I’m also excited for my SNES to arrive this week.. just need to start buying games for it AND hot off the press… a Mega Drive - WOO.

Song of the week:
To describe this artist’s youtube would not be fair in a short comment, just go and watch a handful of YX’s videos. His songs are next level too - really recommend Last Ride, Out her Space, Good Things, and Mad, he’s up on Spotify if thats your thing.

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