A new week, and I think I can say I’m officially onboarded now. I’ve spoken to so many recruiters over the past week or so, it’s been a great ego boost. Friends from the old days have also got in touch, and the support for my change into contracting has been amazing, and people like Gavin Elliott especially have been the nudge and cheerleading that I needed. Thanks Gav, you’re a good egg.

Prototype day and design planning, the structure is still blowing my mind! Presented my work to a room of developers, QA’s, BA’s and designers for a crit, the first one since I joined and it went well, with lots of healthy questions and feedback.
I mean.. this means work for me to do - but a room full of clever people is more effective than mine, and my job is to facilitate the best solution, in the shortest amount of time for the least money to give the user and the business what they need to do their daily tasks.

Design catch-up with the team, I am starting to own the design direction regarding interaction design and the general design system components used and accessibility.
On the side, I am also adding new content to Bobbin and Bumble which is so much fun, we have new products launching soon which I’m delighted with - Emma has worked her socks off to get these to launch!

Useful this week:
I am sure you are all aware, but have a go on chatGPT and ask it a question, and try different scenarios - it’s such a powerful, interesting concept.

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