(for the week of 31st August)
Mannnnn a weird weekend, turns out my perfect little dog has diabetes which is tough to handle and was incredibly tough to hear - but then real life kicks in and we just have to accept it and manage it. Tough.

Discussed the final amends to the design system re-vamp, really light stuff like content etc, and today I will be sending it out for testing and feedback. Looking forward to this so we can see exactly what’s what - I’ve kept a ton in the loop but we finally have a prototype of sorts to show off that isn’t sketches or conversations.
A day of admin (again) and doing the small stuff that I’ve not looked at for a while, painful but needed.

Online training day, decided to help out DWP with the hiring process properly by taking the sifting course (this is where we read cv’s etc) and being on the panel in interviews, that’ll help me get more insight into the process properly and also if needed, help me hone my interview skills for the future.

Volunteered to speak at the Content Community day, having a 15-20minute slot to discuss all things design patterns and content patterns, I’ll be covering off my favourite - contribution but also going for investment from the community into future patterns and seeing if there are blockers to providing feedback (every presentation needs a workshop right?), excited for this one!


Today’s work is lead by the presentation to the community, which goes side by side with my work in leading the change of contribution model - we have outlined a skeleton shape to the presentation and now the fun bit, working out the words stuff…
Collating feedback on the design system from approx 20 people ranging from differing roles within DWP, really excited to see the feedback and amend, we are using and trialling Github discussions still, as there were hints people were nervous about using GitHub issues - but so far people seem to be fluent and fast in using it.

Took some time out today to take the kids swimming midday, was so much fun to break the day up with this and a nice and welcome break from a hectic work week. And also, who doesn’t love dunking their kid?

Arranging a gathering of work colleagues finally, this feels good to be seeing people I work with and having a quiet (..yeah right) drink sometime next week, it’s been so long since I’ve been in a public place with a group of people so fingers crossed my social skills are as terrible as ever.

Washy week this one, prob my most boring set of week notes tbh, but it’s all the admin/must do work at the moment (I’m sure you don’t want to know all the digging I’m doing in confluence!).

Useful links this week:
https://mega-mentor.com/ - This website doesn’t need an introduction, if you are looking above your level and want a design lead to help motivate, advise and help you on the next step, this is the place.

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