The team feels so different since the product has gone live, we are presenting more - designing together around a table (this includes all of U.C. Leeds).
Also, design / user needs have taken a top seat at the table, first to be thought by P.Os and others – interesting change for the team, one they really seem to be enjoying 👍.

Usual morning stand up with Universial Credit designers (but with huge technology fails (human led obvious.. maybe I led it.. maybe..).

Afternoon session with “my other team”, doing a roadmap - loads of exciting stuff to work on over the next period. I certainly wont be moaning of being not busy!

Morning was a catch up over Slack about what is expected (and needed) of us as designers - I really enjoyed this as it really feels we are supported and our voice will be heard (if its needed).

Catch up with my P.O. and ran through some feedback from previous UR to cement some user needs for the next sprint (planning is soon).

Full day of presenting work (Show and tell), and we are at the point where everyone is on the same page, feeling part of the team and its really really great to see.

3 Amigos on finding a fix, the fix was found within minutes - amazing when you have a developer / P.O who is comfortable with a sharpie and willing to draw on screen and amend it as we shout random feedback. Get your team to this level and designing is a piece of cake!

Final action of the day was a catch-up with my line-manager. The difference with our topics of discussion is incredible from my first, loads to celebrate and feel positive about.

Morning starts with far too many weird (but funny) conversations at my desk (I blame the others), followed up with a sprint-planning session. Again - design being added as a “must-do” is a change of pace and I blinking LOVE IT! Need to take this confidence further and allocate time to making something to show ideas for design - a physical board (something like a Hypothesis board?) - very happy for any ideas on this, does not have to work first time, but something is better than nothing right?.

Rest of the day: The product I’m working on has never had a prototype - sooooo.. I’m fixing that and will be testing it with users to fuel the “thing” we do on the wall (hypothesis including to support it a feedback print out?).

Slow day setting up the prototype - it’s turned into a bit of a task as I wish to build the prototype as simple as possible, including scenarios, so planning is needed (I never dive straight in anyways).

Good things
The roadmap session was a really good couple of hours, so good to see the route of the service led almost exclusively by the UR and user needs. One of my favourite roadmap sessions I’ve ever been in!

Learned things
routes.js has broken me, made me and frustrated me. If you know.. you know.

Reminding myself on how to use the prototype tool, I use to be really good and quick at using it and now.. it’s like I’ve never used it before which has frustrated me endlessly.

Being told to “find design tickets” (not as open as it sounds) to do - total change of pace. My team should be endlessly proud of this change and embrace the request!

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