A very interesting week personally, Thursday led to a wobble of confidence and self-questioning to a feeling of “this is why I am here” and a complete change of attitude to work and a fully focused version. This is the week where everything clicked - watch this space!

To kick start the week, we attended and took part in a user research session with the users in Harrogate, great to finally see the users getting their hands on the project. Loads to work on from the feedback (as normal), and excited to put it into action. Interesting to see a high number of our assumptions actually become reality too.

Early meeting with the design team (Leeds) to discuss how to show off our workings (namely UR findings), and planning tickets for sprint planning this week. (Team) Decided on quick fixes for UI to allow the product to be “easier” to use.

Took me over an hour to get to work - after 20 minutes I could still see my bus stop from my seat - DOH! Quick catch up with UR and content to confirm about design fixes for one of the projects.

Sprint planning in the morning - ramping up to delivery!

Due to the speed of delivery, design and content amends are to be slowed right down (stopped), in the mean time whilst we launch and leave for testing - I decided to build a prototype with the amends included for ease of show and tell to the team.

Took lead to plan design delivery going-forward with other designers (Content and UR), and scheduled a meeting Monday to start discussion with BA, PO and DM. A need to get design involved into the team more, and decisions made in the open, we decided to start by sharing the findings from UR sessions to validate reasons why we must look at things and we have users!

Good things
Shared my “Things I’ve learned in my first month at DWP” blog post to an incredible response, really imprssed and happy with the support!

Learned things
Something clicked this week, and I found my old self - a passionate designer who wants to include everyone in the journey and make design the fore-front, whilst challenging everyone and everything (including my own work).

Dealing with a wobble is tough to get over, but it was a wobble that I needed. Having teammates who support you during this wobble and provide an ear to shout in is incredible and I’ll forever appreciate things like this.
I will be writing a post about this in the future

Planning, planning planning. I managed to plan my approach to assist in design decisions and it felt great, bringing alongside everyone else is the next mission (outside of the design team).