Just don’t tell me you are hustling.

I will officially announce – I do not hustle.

Never have, never will, never want to.

Hustling, just is not the lifestyle for me.

Hustling has no time for family, friends or fun.

My father in law, for what it’s worth (he will never read this blog post), I class him as being an extremely successful self employed mechanic (we would call it freelance), he had customers lining up for his skills, his phone was (and still is) ringing asking if he’s available.

He is often picked to help students graduate in car mechanics, he’s a great teacher and mentor, and a hard worker.

You look in the dictionary and it says next to “work” his name.

He worked hard, so hard – 6, sometimes 7 days a week, providing for his family to eat, pay bills, go on holidays, have great christmas’ – basically he provided, but what he didn’t do was hustle, he just worked hard and got on with it.

Why as an industry is it cool to say we hustle?

We don’t hustle, we (to the most part) make corners curved and push pixels around in a uniformed fashion – it can be quite embarrassing when I heard a designer saying they are hustling – behave yourself!

I’m off now to spend time with my daughter, so please stop hustling, relax, see your kids / wife / husband / dog / man / woman / plants!