Soccer Saturday Super 6

Challenge Jeff

Correctly predict the scores of 6 football games for your chance to win £250,000 each week.

Sky Sports


Research, Prototype, Workshops, Design

Problem Statement

Head to Head is designed to increase retention amongst users. We have observed that there is an opportunity to improve h2h, which would lead to improved awareness of the feature. How might we improved that so that we increase the rate of opt in to H2H.

The Goal

We require to improve the entry points of H2H, updating the UI to align visually towards Sky Sports’ broadcast; fixing pattern errors and user frustrations and also provide the user with more data to make their experience "fuller".

What do we know?

- 35% of all users declare H2H as a main motivation to play.
- We have a forthcoming campaign to promote H2H awareness.
- H2H content is the highest engaged on social.

Outcome (KPI)

Increase H2H opt-in and user happiness.


By improving the H2H integration we can increase the proportion of users who play it.

User Journey

We covered as many flows possible that would best describe behaviour for each user journey. It’s mainly checking scores, opt-in and see prizes.

List of flows we covered:

  • Opt-in
  • Check current results
  • See prizes
  • See winners
  • Screen-grab their win
  • Compare predictions to Jeff’s

User Research

I worked with the User Researcher to start running research sessions and user tests to find out what was wrong with our current implementation of the feature.

We recruited current players, some had played H2H, some hadn’t.
From these sessions we found out what the users wanted directly, echoing feedback from our onsite feedback and surveys:

1. Clearer scoring system
Users wanted more details on how the points were given, and a clear indicator who won.

2. Information about prizes
Most users did not realise there was a prize allocated to beating Jeff, and the rules of the prize.

3. Show the winners
The only way to find out who has won the prize was via social media - most users complained they are not on twitter.

4. Easy to opt-in
Many couldn’t find how to opt-in without working hard to find it.

5. What is it?
The users who do not watch Soccer Saturday had no idea what H2H is, and couldn’t even guess.

Users told us

“I have no idea if im playing or not - confused”

“How do I know if I won or not, its only on Twitter”

“How do I enter?”

“I do not understand how the scoring works”

User Flows

Using the feedback from users (either from face to face chats to online-surveys then using the Kano model to size up the most wanted), it was agreed that we would work on the information we gave the users and how we give them the information.

What I did

To ensure continued interaction with the feature, we let each user’s want of data to dictate the final outcome and flow of this section of the website. To ensure consistency and lack of confusion to the user, upon landing on the H2H page the user is given the sub-menu choices of:
Results | Prizes | How to Play.

From there, they can travel to any section of the feature. Once the user is in the site’s flow, they can scroll between sections to continue exploring the content or always return to the home page of the feature. We wanted the user to be able to 'Challenge Jeff' from any of the pages, whilst travelling around the site - this would mean the Opt-in rate should heighten. Due to the Usability sessions, we knew that users wanted the choice to travel around and learn more about the feature and they are more likely to Opt-in once they fully understood the game.

To do all of this, I simplified the UI, aligning more to Soccer Saturday's broadcast's branding, using better Call-to-Actions, clearer copy and a uncomplicated colour system to show win/lose.

To remove the questions to the call center and social media we had to include the 'Prizes' tab, this tab is to tell the user they have or haven’t won the main prize. Also changed and included was the easy to find navigation options - its key to have the journey's between these 3 choices to be smooth and easy to move around. Using dwell times, and research into the average Super 6 user, the language and tone of voice is key to keep the user interested in the feature longer - using a fun and easy to understand (and quick to read) copy has meant the users really buy into the idea of beating Jeff.

What we learned

- Feedback has validated users positive sentiment for the feature
(2000+ users giving feedback (monthly average ~500)
- Changes have been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.
- Achieved greater visibility of prize winners.
- Feature now has more engagement per user vs previous iteration.
- 83% uplift in traffic to H2H default page