Getting into "the industry" seems to me, as a difficult journey that might lead to mass confusion and sleepless nights.

So, the plan is to have a self-service "thing", where basically the program is powered by your own effort and want for getting a portfolio.
As the program is open up to both designers and developers (UX Developers), I can whip up designers, or briefs and give you the design or development leadership that will help you in a design agency or company set-up, and I will guide you as much as possible.

Being stuck isn't much fun - so shout me if this happens!

So how will it will work?

I come up with an idea (like an agency/company would), mock up an idea in Sketch, or hand over a brief (this is where you would ask the questions) - give you the raw file with fonts included (if needed / google font link) if i've designed it, then leave the rest to you - with minimal direction on how I would do it, we all love a challenge right?.

A new project every month, depending how quick you progress.

What I won't do:

Chase you up to do it - you have 1-2 months to get it done, nothing I give you will need more than a weekend if you go at it 100%. Sooner you do it, quicker you get a new job!

What you'll get:

At the end of this: you should hae a portfolio big enough to show your workings, a new CV/resume we can work through, a reference that I can provide, a website with your work on - including a blogging platform.

Sound good? If so - get in touch!