Creating a brand and website for my toughest client


Bobbin and Bumble create beautiful baby & toddler accessories, intending to make their products to be portable with comfort and safety in mind. It is a UK, female-owned business supporting new and old parents.The client / my wife asked for an elegant e-commerce website and something she could use and add items to easily but, more importantly - looked nice! Also, to include social media templates and email campaign templates.

The goal

We needed to decide on a useful, easy-to-use platform that supported custom styles (SASS/CSS) and showcased her projects in a way that would convert.

In short: Make a pretty and functional website that sold her items!

Where to start - discovery?

To start, we worked together with mood boards/Pinterest boards to help gain a style, and a vibe and start to shape the look and feel of the brand.
We then worked out what supporting items we would need, business cards, email templates, social media branding and the type of categories we would want on the website.

After this was established, we went on designing using the usual techniques of wireframing and discussing mobile and desktop views. And then code it within a pre-set framework of Shopify.

Here are some screen grabs, but you can also see the website live.

Email and social media templates

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Russell Hobbs