Remington ManCave

Remington are well known for their male shavers, infact I own one or two - so when Remington approached me to build their new seasonal website to promote their new shaver - the “Virtually Indestructible Clipper”, I jumped at the chance.
The brief was simple - make something that is eye catching, workable on all devices and just plain fun.
Was the goal reached? I think it went above and beyond - reaching 50+ countries and gaining a huge social media backing.

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Built with user in mind

“Mancave”needed something special, something to help stand out from the crowd and really grab the site user’s imagination - what could be better than using a “mancave” as the theme?

The site is built in “sections” - to help the user to interacte with each section - finding out more, sharing on their social media or watching a video.


Rockwell Extra bold Regular is a lovely typeface for headers, really as that “rustic” feel, but doesn’t work to well for paragraph text, so coupled with the ever brilliant Helvectia - it looks the part.

Different styles for different needs



Final Thoughts

Working very closely with the client, it was a real joy.
Given the trust of a client, I was free to explore all possibilties and really think further a field for design as well as development.

It was one of my first I did since forming Michael Cattell Design, and I still rank it as one of my best.

I think it works very well, not only visually but also for conversion, and I still go back to it to showcase conversion “points” to clients.

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