Edwards and Walker

Since their original site was launched many years ago - powered by a website-maker software, Edwards & Walker struggled to get the traffic and audience momentum to match their "off-line" repuatation.
Early 2015, I was approached to design and develop a new, modern and clean website which matched their physical shop - a boutique which specialises in giving the customer an experience and perfect customer service.

Since the launch, Edwards & Walker have seen an increase of traffic (resulting in highs of at least 100+ per day), leading to more walk-ins and with the addition of the online appointment system leading to an increase of new customers from an online market.

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Built with user in mind

Glamorous, boutique, special, experience and stand-out were the words the client used to describe how she wanted to website to be, and after spending 5 minutes inside the opticians (and with her), I could see what she meant!

Edwards and Walker stands out in Doncaster as an experience, a special place where customer service comes first, but with style - therefore the website had to match this, as well as pushing the online persona forward.

Getting that boutique look and feel was not easy, but with constant feedback from the client - we got to a place we were all happy with and most importantly getting results!

Getting the boutique style

To give the site the boutique “vibe”, I decided upon using baroque little touches, and using gold as the main colour (coupled with the brand's burgundy). Adding Garamond Pro to the mix, a typeface that really feels “different and classy”, joined with Proxima for the paragraph text - not only beautiful but also easily easily read-able.

"Working with Michael was an absolute joy, he took control and delivered the exact site we wanted. Our users are delighted, we are delighted and it has lead to a huge increase in customers!"

Pete Badh - Director

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Final Thoughts

A challenging project from a styling point of view, but when it happened, it just worked.

Client was incredibly happy when we did the first showing of the work, and will last the test of time, and really power Edwards and Walker online to a higher level!

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