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Remington Mancave / Mad Ltd / Remington Your Style / Tech Off / Edwards & Walker / Russell Hobbs / Athena / Renew

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Grono / Craghoppers / Mount Pleasant Kennels

Remington are well known for their male shavers, infact I own one or two - so when Remington approached me to build their new seasonal website to promote their new shaver - the “Virtually Indestructible Clipper”, I jumped at the chance.

The brief was simple - make something that is eye catching, workable on all devices and just plain fun. Was the goal reached? I think it went above and beyond - reaching 50+ countries and gaining a huge social media backing.

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A while back I was asked to work on a website for Mark and Andrew Developments when I freelanced at a great agency based in Stockport.

Super fun website to build in WordPress, really like the fonts in this one and how it feels to use within the site.

Only issue is: every time I look at it I get incredibly hungry.

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Remington have built up a great repuation with their realiable and high-in-quality products. They approached me needing a website to match this, and also assist in promoting and getting customer interaction.

The goal was to buid something that was accessable from all devices, be interactive as well as educational, and more importantly - promote the product(s) in a clear and "sellable" way. Launched in 50+ countries, the campaign was deemed a success!

The Tech-Off Conference


Here is the most wackiest and wildest website i've done in my life time! It has it all - moving wrestlers, explosions, bright colours and flames.

Is anything missing?

Using wild JS and magical CSS - this was a challenge, but a great one to build.
(I dare you to click the boxing glove "no")

Edwards and Walker


Since their original site was launched many years ago - powered by a 1&1 template, Edwards & Walker struggled to get the traffic and audience momentium to match their repuatation and "off-line" marketing.

In January 2015 I was approached to design and code a new, modern and clean website which matched their physical shop - a boutique which specialises in giving the customer an experience and perfect customer service. Since the launch, Edwards & Walker have seen an increase of traffic (resulting in highs of 100+ per day), and with the addition of an online appointment system - has increased teh capture and conversions of new customers from an online market.

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Russell Hobbs are a house hold name in the UK, specialising and leading the way for "in the house" products, ranging from kettles to blenders to the "must-need" coffee machines.

They approached me midway through 2014, with an idea to produce a website which uses and follows Russell Hobbs' already strong and established branding, and also has a strong embassis on being interactive.
This resulted in a website which showcases different parts of home-life, from breakfast to healthy living, the user could upload their favourite things (breakfast is a popular section) and it would be showcased on the website. This resulted in a far greater user to website interaction - leading to promotion of the brand.


Mobile Phone App

Renew is a fancy little app I made alongside a really cool back-end developer. It is designed with the user to be accessing the claim (of insurance) via a mobile device - be a phone or a tablet (but also works great on desktop too). A challenge to make the form not overwhelming to the user, and attractive, but I'm delighted with how it turned out!

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