DWP – the end of the first week

April 2, 2016

Friday morning – 6am.

On my way to DWP to end my first week.

So much to take in, the code, the new names, how much food I’ve consumed!

My team: Fraud and Errors are really really good bunch, a great mix of managers and do-er’s who have a real problem to solve – and thats what I’m really enjoying, the problem is “real”.

Every meeting has been great, each meeting has a purpose and i’ve enjoyed this – learning to work in an agile environment. Things move fast, and you have to be prepped for them, and I really think the way DWP do their meetings are really helpful – esp in keeping me in the loop in the new team.

I’ve got my hands dirty in Node.js for the front-end development, which I cant lie has’t been easy, JS isn’t my thing, and I’ve almost made it “a thing” to not be my thing, but without being thrown in the deep end has meant I can prepare myself to learn as much as possible in the 4 days i’ve been there, so to hit the ground running.

Things i’ve found out:

  • The travel, is working out approx 2 – 2:30 hours a day each way, $719 a month, approx 7000 a year, which I cant (but will) complain about.
  • IPhone 5s battery is fucking awful
  • Having 2 hours spare on the train means I can write and have wonderful ideas
  • Working from 8am – 4pm (home approx 6-7pm) means I get to see my daughter Robyn in an evening (which I’m incredibly grateful for)
  • Being surrounded by great brains can make you feel insecure
  • Sleep isn’t for wimps
  • No one is awake at 5am
  • 5-6 hours a night of sleep, isn’t quite enough
  • Having your wife slip-a-disk in her back, during the 1st week away from home, means the family comes out in force
  • I work 100% better in the morning, and will carry on this schedule even when I finish this contract
  • Writing is great – however much I suck at it.

So, all in all it was a good week – next week is when it starts to get busy, and tougher (they are letting me loose on the code side).

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