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March 29, 2016

Today’s marks my first day at DWP – I will be releasing posts about my time there, as a diary on how they do meetings, work processes and the future of, what I believe – to be the future of web design/process and development.

Since I started being freelance, there has been two or three places I have wanted to work – HMRC/DWP is in the top two*.

We’ve all read about their processes, if you haven’t you must MUST read about how they do what they do here, they also are pretty prolific in blogging too (I highly recommend reading Si Wilson’s posts for an insight into Interaction Design within GOV, recently, he’s been killing it, and to boot he’s a top guy who will buy you a beer or two).

During my “get to know you” interview, I spoke about how I wanted to learn about the processes and learn how to approach projects – differing from an agency feel, which i’ve always voiced as too fast and unemotional (which I shall discuss within another blog, this isn’t the time).

They discussed how they approach things totally different from how agency’s do, which at this moment in my career is a breath of fresh air – I shall never tire from agency work, its my bread and butter, but I feel the approach is tired and could do with a refresh and sometimes in projects you need a breather – are we really giving the client what they want or need (again another blog post)?

The main differences were time, they need time to cater for each user, each project has a story, a reason – its not for a pay cheque at the end; it is to help people, whatever their level of ability/use/disability and just for plain ease.

Which I cant tell you is much needed after filing my taxes!

There isn’t unnecessary fluff, no frilly design touches with time spent on calligraphy.

Design time is different, design means something, testing is done correctly (and properly) – yes it works beautifully on iPhone 5/6/7/8/10034, but does the site that spins, turns and shoots fireworks gets all the attention on Dribbble/ Behance actually “work-work”?

I think site DOES work, and work well for all levels of users – which I shall again, touch on in a later post, once I know and understand the background process a lot more.

Anyways, my train is here to leave this damn coffee shop, i’ll blog again sometime later this week.

*The other two places are Focus Lab and Google (obvs)

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